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How To Trap A Mouse


How To Trap A Mouse

How To Trap A Mouse can be a complicated process. In choosing a method of trapping a mouse, there are several ways. From the more aggressive use of traps to the more natural methods, knowing the multiple ways of trapping will give you options in your fight against the pesky and often annoying creature.

One way individuals know How To Trap A Mouse is through non-violent means. Some know How To Trap A Mouse using a contraption constructed from common house hold items. First, grab a toilet paper roll and attach a treat to the end of the tube. In this method, you then place a bucket underneath the tube after you have placed on a heightened location. When the mouse runs through the tube to get to the treat, the tube being balanced off the higher placement, will flip and the mouse will fall into the bucket. You can next remove the mouse from the bucket by taking it outside and take solace in knowing the mouse was unharmed.

The best mouse trap bait for this non-aggressive trap can also be created from items found in your home. A cracker, dabbed with just a spot of peanut butter, will provide the best mouse bait for your fight against this little critter. Using that at the end of the tube will provide just enough enticement for the mouse to explore its way through the tube. If you use this method, it will be a safe way that you now know how to trap a mouse.

Another method of how to trap a mouse is through the traditional mouse trap. These contraptions involve a spring and the best mouse trap bait cheese or a chemical provided with the mouse trap that will bring the mouse across the mechanical device. Then, the mouse’s weight will trigger the spring and capture the mouse within its grasp. Using this method of how to trap a mouse, however, may not be for the faint of heart. Most mice that are trapped in this way will be killed and then must be disposed.  So if you are looking for how to trap a mouse in a non-violent manner, the first method may be the best for you.

How to trap a mouse and the products that can be used to do so are varied. Some products, such as mousetraps, can be purchased at local grocery stores and convenient markets. The more homeopathic traps require effort on your part to create a device that will help trap the mouse without injury. If you are looking for a quick fix in mouse trapping, the mechanical trap may be the best option or outside help may be necessary. Home exterminators can be used to trap mice and local phonebooks usually provide the information on these businesses.

How to trap a mouse can be intimidating, though common, so know that there is help available in this pursuit. Soon that mouse will be long gone and your house, apartment, or garage will belong to you again. Now, get to trapping!